This is a New Era. The Era of Online Publishing.

Our company Plumbob Publishing is a thrown back to the era when journalists actually tried to verify what they write, where they get information and how well they convey it.

In case you don't know, a plumbob is a carpenter's tool. In it simplest form it includes nothing more than a weight on a string. As any fourth grader will tell you, holding the string with the weight on the bottom will always yield a true 90 degree angel to the earth. From there a carpenter can calculate level and square and straight. They call it being "In Plumb" and that is exactly what we want to do with Plumbob.

To start with we offer specialty Websites that report on, provide services to and support the industries they feature. Currently those are Vacation Rentals, Executive Suites and Photography, such as:

Sample Websites:

Listed below are samples of websites that use the VRMLS service to list and display vacation rentals from around the world to just around the corner.

Our firm also looks for conventional print publications to manage or acquire.