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Here you will find anything and everything to do, see and experience in the fishing port of Westport Washington on the coast of Washington State.

Amazing Things to Do

  • Catch a Salmon, Halibut or Ling Cod
  • Watch a Whale Watching You
  • Surf in Summer, Winter or Anything
  • Fly a Kite. Or Build One.
  • Stroll the Long sandy Beaches
  • Drop a Crab Pot Right in the Marina
  • See how Cranberries are Grown
  • Collect Shells & Agates
  • Poke Around the Local Shops
  • Build a Driftwood Bonfire
  • Address: PO Box 930 Westport WA 98595 USA
  • Hours: Everyday 9AM-7PM PST USA
  • Phone: 360-284-7010
  • Fax: 888-628-0839
  • Email:
  • Website: WestportCentral.com