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Ours is an illustrative history of Northwest Skiing. Started back in the summer of 1958, Northwest Skier Magazine is now an online magazine for instant news and information. Technology gives us more room to publish anything and everything of interest to those who love to freeze their toes.

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We are mostly a volunteer organization die-hard snow lovers who want to share the fun and joy of skiing and snowboarding here in the great Northwest. Here are the topics we want to cover:

  • Everything Skiing and Snowboarding
  • All resorts in the Northwest
  • Local news and update
  • Weather, conditions and predictions
  • Racers, coaches and race schedules
  • Events and activities
  • Rentals and tuning
  • Equipment reviews and bargains
  • Ski and Board stores and services
  • Lodging and restaurants

But of course, there is no charge for using this website. Every skier and snowboarder, young and old, skilled and not so skilled are invited to take read and enjoy.

Register now for free to get updates of everything happening in the Northwest snow community including invitations, events and news you can use to cruise. Sometimes we may even have some nifty discounts or even free stuff. How can you go wrong?

We won't abuse you with mindless emails and automated nonsense. And you can opt-out any time.

Now Ski shops, classes, clubs, hotels and resorts can publicize their businesses by joining the team of Northwest Skier advertisers. Lots of ways to reach snow lovers and invite them to sample your wares. The cost is low, the involvement is high and we do all the work.

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