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Photographer Needed Eastern Washington State

For our architecture, lodging, and hospitality clients we often need photographs taken in many destinations around Spokane and all of Eastern Washington State.

Signatour specializes and works exclusively on these types of photography and - more important - we do only very high quality High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, panoramas, slideshows, and other graphics. Check us out at this website and be sure to take a look at our "Perfect Touch" information.


If you are a great photographer, we want to know about you. If you are already a great HDR photographer, that's even better. But if not, we can train you. It is not necessary to be a full-time photographer. In fact even if you are an amateur, if you do good work we may be able to work with you.


Your job is to shoot properties inside and out using HDR techniques. This includes all major rooms and the exteriors from multiple angles. If inside a complex - such as an Inn, Hotel, or Resort - then we want all the building common rooms.

We even do "Manifest Photos" which are less formal, non-HDR shooting of all areas of the property, even those that will not be used for marketing. These photos help us document what is at each location.

All shots are taken in "RAW" format. All shots must be done on tripod and preferably on a great weather day because this affects even the interiors. We never use flash because that is not needed for HDR and HDR will create a better lit image than a flash.

It is also necessary to shoot panoramas of some major rooms which requires use of a pano head for your tripod. Being HDR, it is necessary to shoot between 2 to 16 shots per angle on the tripod head. We later combine these into a very high resolution pano.


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